CEREC® - new teeth without long waits and pain

We take pride in introducing a groundbreaking technology that allows us to produce a dental crown verbally while you wait. The Shill Dental Clinic in Bratislava, Slovakia, has used the CEREC® system for the last 11 years. Over this period, the use of the CEREC® system scored 30 000-plus restorations completed successfully.

Cerec v Schill Dental Clinic

There is no need anymore to wait for your new tooth. Temporary solutions are history. The all ceramic crown is provided in truly one single sitting.

What is CEREC®? – CEeramic REConstruction

The unique system permitting while-you-wait production of a new ceramic crown or restoration in one single visit.

Next to crowns, three types of dental restoration can be provided:

  • Inlay – filling used for medium-sized tooth restoration
  • Onlay  filling used for restoration of larger tooth areas including eminent parts of the tooth
  • Overlay used in restoration of the full chewing tooth surface

CEREC® represents the ultimate modern-day dentistry has to offer

When exploiting the CEREC® system, our dentists use a strong, ceramic material of a structure and in colour that emulates natural enamel. The crown or restoration so produced becomes indiscernible from your natural teeth.

What makes CEREC® an advantageous option for the patient?

  1. All it takes to leave the office with the tooth restored definitively is one visit
  2. One single visit means one single shot
  3. One single drilling
  4. No molds
  5. No temporaries
  6. Natural appearance
  7. Strong ceramic-based material
  8. Long lifespan

Independent scientific studies have corroborated the CEREC®-based restorations as thoroughly commensurate with gold as to their lifespan properties.