Clean teeth have no reason to decay

Summer time is full of smiles but also sweet fruits, drinks and deserts, which can affect the colour of your teeth.
You can help your teeth by having a professional dental clean at Schill Dental Clinic - your dental care center.

Schill Dental Clinic

Combining your daily brushing routine with a regular professional clean, done by your dentist at least twice a year, is the best to keep healthy teeth and gums.
Dental hygiene plays a substantial role in preventing dental tooth decay.
If you are currently one of our patients and you book your professional dental clean with us by the end of August, we will give you a 20% discount (that is 1.144 CZK for recall).
If you recommend entrance hygiene session to your relatives or friends, they will pay 1.432 CZK.
Remember, preventive care is always better and cheaper than treatment itself.
We are looking forward to seeing you this summer.
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