Dental Anesthesia

Our clinic is specialized in a dental treatment provided with upper care and focus not only on the quality, but also in patient’s comfort.  It is including, without question, the empathy and grasp of each patient and their ideas and requests, as well as smooth and painless process of each single procedure.

Anesthesia - Beautiful teeth without pain

This stage is including, among other things, the encompassment of worries and sensitivity of the patient with help of the following steps:

Local Anesthesia

It is a technique for inserting a little amount of the analgesia by applying needle, influencing the sensitivity in the given area during the time of the treatment.  Drug remedies,  solutions used for that, are degredated already in the spot of the inserting in 90% and left remedies are leaving the body in 24 hours. Their innoxioussness is guaranteed and it is possible to apply it safely also to  children.

Right before inserting remedies into the tissues, it is apparent, that also the area of the puncture is surface treated by numbing preparative in form of salve and the final experience is felt at a minimum level.


It is the treatment of the patient who gets the pharmaceutical agents influencing his/her anxiety, stress and afterwards intramural dramatising of the past experience.

This treatment is recommended especially to the children patients, but it is possible to apply it to anybody  at any age.

The patient is coming for the treatment early and pharmaceutical agents are applied in advance. His/Her nervousness as far as short-circuiting behavior during the treatment can be substantially eliminated by one easy step. The patient is reacting, but his/her reactions and attention are rather unstable up to uncontrollable.

The important thing is that the child patient can go home accompanied by his/her parents after this treatment. There the memories for the treatment start to get weak up to almost disappearing.

This patient will not be having phobias from the dental treatment in later age because of not experiencing previous dramatic situations.

This kind of treatment does not request the presence of the Anesthesiologist or a special advanced checkup.

Sedation  - deep influence of the mind

This kind of treatment is requiring sophisticated equipment, check of Anesthesiologist and extensive preparation from the patient side before and even after the treatment. This is including a longer recovery, the patient is not leaving the clinic right after the treatment but he/she must stay under the guidance of an Anesthesiologist during the needed time period, in minimum one hour.       

The pharmaceutical agents influencing the organism are inserted in big amount. This kind of treatment is not covered by Heatlh Insurance companies.