Digital Smile Design

Visualisation of your new smile.

On the computer screen, we will show you how you will look with a new smile.

You can see “before” and “after” without sitting in a dental chair.

Ms Kamila - Digital Smile Design - Schill Dental Clinic

In order not to just imagine how the new smile will suit you, you can try a model of your new smile directly in your mouth. Once approved, we will start working on the final solution. You will be happy with your new smile because it will be exactly how you imagined it.​

Kamila, “before” and “after” teeth demonstration.

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5 steps to a new smile:

  • Photo / € 0.00
  • Visualization / € 0.00
  • Imprint / € 200.00 (5.500,00 CZK)
  • Test model / € 0.00
  • Procedure / individual price



In order to show you the change of your smile, we have a small photo studio at our clinic, where we take a picture of you and within a few minutes we can design your new smile using a special computer program. This visualization is free of charge for you.

After you see your new smile in the picture, you can decide whether to proceed with the second step. This includes an imprint of your teeth. We can make the imprint immediately after visualization so we do not waste any time and we can prepare the model of your new smile. This procedure will cost you € 200,00 (5.500,00 CZK).

Approximately after two weeks, you will come and try the new model prepared by our dental technicians. You will see yourself in a mirror and you can decide whether we shall start with the interventions necessary for the final solution. All these steps are important, giving you time to decide and see the result we want to get.

Creating a new smile is always different, so it's hard to estimate the price in advance. However, if any necessary adjustments exceed the amount of € 2.000,00 (55.000,00 CZK), the initial fee € 200,00 (5.500 CZK) for the imprint and the model will be deducted from the total price.