Digital X – ray

Digital X-ray– to see more is to know more.

Dentistry of the past was known for using photographic film material to capture X-ray images. The task of film development represented a laborious and time-demanding process. Handling of the photos meant an additional burden. The strong point of digital radiography comes with elimination of the extended time lapse along the process. Within seconds of the scan completion, the image is available on the monitor all set for enlargements, colour adjustment or detail enhancements if so required.

Digitálny zubný röntgen v Schill Dental Clinic

Unlike the conventional dental radiography, the digital lens system allows enlargement of important details. It so imparts information more accurately and in full detail needed by the dentist without the use of extensive radiation. Two alternative formats of the resulting image can be offered to the patient: a CD or an electronic data file.

In comparison with the conventional film-based X-ray systems, the Digital X-ray method reduces the harmful radiation down to a real minimum.

The radiography services of our dental centre are available to the general public which includes even non-registered clients.

Panoramic X-ray images are made for our registered patients and are a standard part of their initial exam. They also offer a convenient way for us to obtain a thorough overview of the oral health of individual patients.