Root Canal treatment –Endodontics

The therapy of root canals is required in situations when the tooth infection spreads into  tooth nerve tissues where it has destructing effects on its structure. The tooth nerve lacks protection capacity and its extended exposure to bacterial toxins results in its necrosis. Without a dental surgeon´s intervention even at this critical stage, through the root canal the infection advances to the tooth´s adjacent areas and has an adverse effect on the jaw bone tissue.  Its ensuing invasion of the circulatory system threatens to upset the whole of the patient´s health.

A timely pulpectomy and successful decontamination of the root canals saves the tooth and there is no need for the dentist to deliberate extraction

Endodoncie u Schill Dental Clinic

At the Schill Dental Clinic, the endodontic therapy is captured all along its length by way of the RVG device (Radiovisiography) and transferred onto the chairside screen for visualization. This offers the surgeon a direct control thus improving the quality of his performance. The therapy completion includes filling of the cleaned-out root canal with a good quality sealant.

At present, a number of techniques can be used to apply the root canal filling. Materials come in a variety and their methods of insertion differ just as well. The bottom line being that these techniques vary in their properties of sealing in the root canal. The right technique chosen is the key to a successful therapy. The use of poor quality sealant allows the microbial residue to invade the tooth socket lining. The occurrence of a new abscess, or poor healing of the treated one, will be just natural consequence of that condition.

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Following a root canal treatment, the tooth is left with a poor nutrition supply and tends to become fragile and easy to crack. This property develops accompanied by a visible darkening of the surface structures. The said presents the reason for the dentists at the Schill Dental Clinic to advocate solution so much different from the conventional tooth filling. A ceramic crown of superior quality boosts the tooth´s stability and represents a cosmetic solution at the same time. A quality ceramic crown will increase the stability of the tooth and resolve the aesthetic problem as well.