Financing methods

Medical and financial plan

The procedures can be spread over time

If you need more procedures, we will prepare a medical plan for you, so that you do not have a heavy financial burden at one time. When the costs of dental care are too high, we will advise you how to make it. If you do not have enough money right now it is reasonable to borrow. We talked about this possibility with the banks and prepared a solution. We call it a financial plan. This is a dental loan.

Financial plan 

Quality dental treatment makes sense - and has a price. As it is an investment in health, we should not compromise on quality. We know that dental treatment is not cheap. But you should be aware that the latest materials are so good that they will last for decades or even forever. The devices are accurate - and if the staff is perfectly trained, they can help with what they couldn't have done in the past. And it all costs. We can also spread a large number of treatments over time and plan their funding to make the treatments affordable.




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