Client Reviews

Please allow me to thank Dr. Martina Sopková very much for yesterday's professional care and your great approach. I will be very happy to continue to use your services. 

At the same time I perceive this experience as a kind of reflection of what is happening in the field of Healthcare and how different approaches could be there. Thank you once again for the very professional approach of SCHILL Dental Clinic and all your staff. I can only recommend your clinic to everyone. 



Since my first entry into Schill Dental Clinic, the approach has been fantastic

Nurses very pleasant to me, sweet, communicative, carrying, with a very patient approach. Happy smiles everywhere and pleasant atmosphere. I had a procedure of 2 implants on the lower jaw. That was performed by MUDr. Schill and his approach were also very professional. The procedure was painless and even after the surgery I felt no pain.

Further treatments are going to happen. I look forward to further cooperation and highly recommend Schill Dental Clinic.


Professional care, the only dental facility I'm not afraid to go to.

The procedures are fast and painless (as far as possible).

I admire this facility.

For Schill Dental Clinic I am flying from abroad to Slovakia. All the doctors, nurses and receptions with whom I had the honor to meet are absolute professionals, always pleasant and understanding. Before I visited them for the first time, I was panically afraid of the dentist and now I always come to them with a smile and peace in mind and leave with maximum satisfaction. Yes, they are quite expensive, but with all the matters I had to go through, I do not regret a penny and I have no confidence to go to anyone else.

I was very pleased with the kind approach of the hygienist during dental hygiene.

All the time she was encouraging me that I am doing well and able to work well together. Excellent Dental Center.

Shill Dental Clinic has been with my husband and me for several years.

We have lived in England for more than 5 years, but we only keep treated our teeth by Shill - always doing a great job, always very helpful. The tooth they wanted to extract from my husband in England was the same tooth that has been rescued at the Shill Dental Clinic. Thanks!

I was surprised that it took only 10 minutes to insert the implant.

I already have a crown, and it is true what they write - it looks like my own tooth. They said it was simple, but still ... fast and perfect work. Thank you.

Personally, I am very satisfied with the staff of Schill Dental Clinic.

I appreciate the way of their communication with the client, providing information on the procedure and all the related options, pleasant atmosphere and, if I can judge, (compared to previous experience) also high professionalism.

I have been visiting the Schill Dental Clinic for several months.

I started with dental hygiene and completed teeth whitening both at home and clinic. I was surprised that it was quite painless. Now I am dealing with the health aspects of my teeth, namely with the old and poorly filled dental crowns and the inflammations that have resulted from it. I must pick up the professional approach of doctors, especially MDDr. Tomáš Kučera, who has been with me for several further "operations", where he cleaned my dental canals and exchanged crowns. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my dental crowns were made there immediately within ten minutes, exactly as I finished my coffee.


It was a great experience in Schill! I was surprised by a very nice approach, not only by the doctor, but also the nurses, warm welcome at the reception, excellent coffee, pleasant environment.

I was really well taken care of, they explained everything, and the final result is excellent. With the passage of time, I realize more and more that the smile I have thanks to the Schill Clinic is nicer every day than before.

To all who want to experience professional work but also attitude, I recommend to visit Schill Dental Clinic


Maximum satisfaction, highly professional erudite attitude, I am a man of 190 cm and 130 kg and still terribly worried about dentists.

Even in my childhood, and finally in adulthood, my teeth paid for it. Right after my first visit, consultation and treatment plan, I finally started to invest something in myself. Pleasant environment, innovative technology, treatment, and most of all pain-free. And in terms of finance, dear? I think this is a medium standard compared to price lists with neighbouring countries, not to mention dental procedures and price lists in Western countries. I think that is mega expensive. Nowadays, everything costs something. If we love and respect ourselves, we must invest something in us. After all, we ultimately represent ourselves. In the end we have a very good feeling about it. And not only we are doing it but also people round us

I really tried several dentists at BA.

and stayed 100% satisfied at this center and it doesn't depend on specific doctor I can get here. Last thanks to Dr. Kučera. The clinic is attended by my whole family, so I may only send simple THANK YOU!

At this Dental Center, they were very helpful when I was in great pain and were willing to help me, even after their regular opening hours.

The treatment was not only professional but also painless. And then I travelled from BA to BB! Since then I have been going to preventive check-ups, hygiene and all treatments just here. Thank you!




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