Your first dental visit

When visiting us, you will be welcomed by a warm ambience teamed with a contemporary layout. You will feel relieved of the stressful factors the sterile mood of dental offices and emergency rooms are known for. We will provide a considerate treatment. And painless above all! We are delighted you have chosen us.

Have a pleasant stay and just come on in!

Our dental centre is situated in the quiet parts of Prague´s downtown in the proximity of the historical site of the Vyšehrad promontory. We gave a lot of careful consideration to the choice of premises for the Schill Dental Clinic taking into account the fact that you are arriving with a problem, or worse, in pain (in majority of cases). Which aspect motivated our maximum efforts that were put into projecting a relaxed setting  to welcome you in and make you feel rather like walking into a cafe. Once in, you will be seated in a comfortable chair and offered a refreshment while your dentist prepares to see you about your problem.

Your first dental visit

  1. If you are visiting us for the first time, assisted by our receptionist you will be required to fill out your registration form. She will also provide a quick information of the working of our clinic and show you round the surgery. You may be even offered to choose a dentist from our team you would like to attend  to.
  2. We will use your initial exam to process details related to your oral health – teeth, tissues, lymph nodes, tongue, joints and salivary glands (a comprehensive clinical examination in other words). By standard, a complete digital X-ray imaging of your teeth makes part of the initial exam (four-times higher accuracy, six-times lower radiation impact) . All of that performed in one place free of stress and long waits.

Dental care standards at the Schill Dental Clinic

  1. At the Schill Dental Clinic, we offer a large spectrum of services and interventions ranging from the most common dental procedures to cosmetic treatments to demanding dental surgeries. Your personal dentist will be always ready to answer all your questions and can recommend counseling on proper care for your teeth and the oral cavity in general.
  2. At our dental office, the dental team exploits the ultimate in methods and technologies that are to a significant degree effective in helping to eliminate as much as possible of the pain that accompanies dental procedures.

Our company creed is to offer the very best of dental care to all our clients.

More on individual technologies and services offered by our clinic can be found in the sections TECHNOLOGIES and TREATMENTS SPECTRUM. Your first dental visit can be booked HERE.