MUDr. Alexander Schill

Chief dentist

Alexander SCHILL, chief dentist, graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the Comenius University, Bratislava in 1996. He enrolled for numerous trainings and attended congresses organized Europe-wide: in the Slovak Republic, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Portugal.
In his dental practice, he exploits all innovative procedures and technologies with the objective of raising the quality of his professional engagement.
He started clinical practice in July 1996. 2002 saw the commencement of his Schill Private Clinic in the centre of Bratislava, Slovakia. Refurbishment of the clinic in 2008 resulted into an extension followed by relocation to a new address within an easier reach for the clientele. The location remains the clinic´s official seat to this day. In 2012 a smaller-scale branch in Bratislava´s centre opened to the public.
In April 2013 dr Schill used the opportunity and expanded his activities to Prague. He took over the Dentaktiv Clinic business operating under the new name of Schill Dental Clinic as of October. 2013.