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MUDr. Alexander Schill


Slovak, Czech, English, German, Hungarian, Russian

The founder and head of the Schill Dental Clinic. He personally selects talented doctors and provides the most complex procedures.

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“Modern equipment is not enough. A good approach to patients and constant innovation is just as important.”

Alexander Schill opened his first dentist office in Bratislava in 2000. Soon it became a dental center with top-quality equipment, followed by three more in Prague, Kosice, and Zilina.

Today you can meet MUDr. Schill in all our four clinics, where he takes care of the most complicated cases. His focus is correct diagnoses and precise execution of all tasks so that your teeth look natural and the treatment is not painful.

“Patients leave our office confident and satisfied,” says MUDr. Schill about Schill Dental Clinic.

„I remember my mother’s dental office“

“My mother was a dentist, so it runs in the family,” says MUDr. Schill. He studied at the Faculty of Medicine at Comenius University but never stopped educating himself. He took part in conferences and training in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, or Portugal.

In 2002 MUDr. Schill opened Schill Dental Clinic in Bratislava to provide patients with a safe and pleasant dental office offering top-quality and painful treatment. Today he selects dentists with the same approach, who take care of patients alongside him in our dental centers.

He uses the latest methods and equipment but as he says, this is not enough to ensure top-quality care. “Modern equipment is not enough, a good approach to patients and constant innovation is just as important. If you want to be successful, you need to be ready to improve yourself continually.

Apart from his work, MUDr. Schill enjoys sports, cooking, and traveling.

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