All our work is professional You have a 5-year guarantee

We do guarantee our work

We are treating your teeth just like our own ones and we can assure you that after our treatments your teeth will remain healthy and good looking.

  • Treatments are accurate, precise
  • Our doctors are specialists in dentistry
  • Materials and technologies are carefully selected
  • In case there is a problem in what we treated, we repair it free of charge

We have one condition

Our treatments are long lasting when you look after them properly. Proper care includes your visit to our dental center  twice a year.

  • 1× preventive check-up once a year
  • 1× dental hygiene once a year

This way your teeth will remain in perfect condition. And  you get a 5-year guarantee on all our treatments.

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What is included in the guarantee?

We aim to do all our treatments on 100 %. In case you feel something does not fit as it should, do not hesitate and come to see us.

We will repair free of charge:

  • Broken veneer
  • Cracked crown
  • High filling
  • Loose denture etc.

Our guarantee does not include damages caused by a facial injury.  But we will help you solve any dental problem of course.

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