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MUDr. Schill carefully selects only the best dentists for his team.

Our dentists go through a 6-month educational program called Schill Academy. They learn how to take care of your teeth, use modern equipment and make efficient treatment plans so that your appointments are quick and painless.

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Aesthetic treatment of front teeth. Completion of 6 teeth with photo composite in the color of her own teeth. Duration of the procedure: 3 hours.


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.


Dental hygiene, treatment of root canals, white fillings, extraction, aesthetic reconstruction of teeth, CEREC.


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.

We work with the latest technologies


    It is a unique system during which we can create a new ceramic crown or filling during a single visit.

  • Dental microscope

    The microscope allows our doctors to work at up to 26x magnification and thus treat with microscopic accuracy.

  • CT

    We use computed tomography, for example, to assess the condition of the bone, design the optimal shape of implants, or bridges.

  • Digital dental X-RAY

    See more = know more. The image appears on a monitor a few seconds after shooting. It can be enlarged or color-adjusted if more visibility is needed.

  • Laser

    We use the most modern type of KaVo laser. The compact diode laser is suitable for simple procedures that require a lower energy laser. After laser treatment, the tissues heal faster and without unnecessary complications.

  • Diagnodent

    The great advantage of DiagnoDent tooth decay diagnostics is the fact that it uses a laser to detect them at an early stage. It detects this due to changes in the fluorescence of the tooth structure. The decay may not yet be visible. The human eye is only able to see 57% of what DiagnoDent detects.

  • Airflow

    It is a technology that removes pigments from food or beverages during dental hygiene and smoothes the surface of teeth.

  • Beefill

    Bee Fill is an innovative device used in modern dental facilities. It is used during endodontic treatments to fill 3D root canals.

  • RVG sensor

    The RVG sensor (radiovisiography), often also called an intraoral X-ray, is the must have item in a modern and high-quality dental office..

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As soon as you enter our office, you will feel comfortable. We will greet you with a smile, offer you a delicious cup of coffee and treat your teeth painlessly.

A visit to a dentist does not have to be painful. You just need to find the right dentist.

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Our work as seen by our clients What do our clients say about us?

  • Schill Dental Clinic won me over with a completely different approach than the competition showed. From the others, I had the impression that I was actually burdening them a bit. As an businesswoman, I'm used to a totally pro-client approach, so Schill was a clear choice for me.


  • I was really well taken care of, everything was explained to me and the result is excellent. Over time, I am becoming more and more aware that the smile I have thanks to the Schill Dental Clinic is making my days ever nicer than before.


  • Beautiful and modern clinic without waiting and close to work. Great deal!.


  • I was surprised that here in Schill Dental Clinic they would make dental crowns in ten minutes, just as I drink my coffee.


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