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Talented, precise, and kind – this is the Schill Dental Clinic team.
That is why clients come to us from the whole country.

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It is possible to look forward to your dentist appointment

When was the last time you had a nice talk with your dentist? At SDC this is a standard thing: your dentist remembers you and really enjoys meeting you.

Dentists and nurses will take care of you with a smile on their faces. You can discuss sports or travelling with them, as these things are what we all have in common. You will be looking forward to your next appointment.

  • Schill Academy requires constant concentration to achieve a perfect and high-quality treatment result. There is a friendly team, I am very satisfied and totally would not change.

    MDDr. Jakub Scheer dentist

  • I like that when I meet my patients, we can make their fantasy a reality and enjoy the results together.

    MDDr. Martina Sopková dentist

  • I enjoy when the patient leaves satisfied with a clean and radiant smile. I like it here. We offer above-standard care and we have the best coffee!

    David Průša, DiS. dental hygienist

  • Good work pays off. Some people really benefit from our work and their quality of life improves dramatically.

    MDDr. Jakub Scheer dentist

We are always looking for talented dentists

We are always ready to expand our team with experts who love their job and meeting their patients. Look at our vacancies.


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  • Our own lab – fast and reliable
  • Five-year guarantee

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