Helping talented dentists become exceptional

For Schill Dental Clinic we select talented dentists and train them in our educational program. They learn to provide top-quality care, work with advanced dental tools and treat complicated cases.

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We will ensure everything that dentists need for their growth

  • The dentists are trained under the supervision of an experienced colleague
  • We cover accommodation in Bratislava and full salary
  • The graduates will join the Schill Dental Clinic team

Our patients need dentists who keep up with the times, continually educate themselves to be able to use the latest methods and technologies, and who make a good impression on the patient. That is why Schill Academy was founded.

Zakladatel MUDr. Alexander Schill

How does Schill Academy work?


Schill Academy education takes place in our dental centre in Bratislava. We cover accommodation and salary for the whole duration of training.


The first month students do “shadowing” with a more experienced colleague. They get to see the work with advanced technologies and learns our standards of care.


When students are ready, they start treating patients. An experienced colleague is there the whole time to consult and advise on individual steps of treatment and care.


There is no rush. Some dentists need 3 months, some need 6. The important thing is to learn everything our team knows.


After graduating, the students get a certificate and they join our team in Prague, Bratislava, Zilina or Kosice.

Why we do it? For your smile

Because our clients deserve top quality care.

University education is a good basis for dentists but practical experience with top experts will give them knowledge that cannot be found in lecture rooms.

We are raising a generation of dentists that clients look forward to visiting.

  • Schill Dental Clinic is a reputable clinic. This comes from a long history of top-quality work done by people, who are ready to do all they can for their patients. That is the reason I applied to Schill Academy.

    MDDr. Linh Nguyenová Schill Academy graduate

  • The fact that I had to go through further education after 5 years of studying is not a disadvantage in my opinion. On the contrary, it was one of the deciding aspects for me when I applied to Schill Dental Clinic. I wanted to learn from the most experienced dentists.

    MDDr. Jakub Scheer Schill Academy graduate

  • I was trained by MUDr. Schill. It was very interesting, and it helped me grow a lot. I did not feel any pressure, there was always someone to help me. I am used to working hard. If you want to grow, you need to work on yourself.

    MDDr. Ivan Kinčík Schill Academy graduate

  • Schill Academy requires constant focus aimed at reaching perfect and top-quality care. The team is friendly, I am happy here and I would not change it.

    MDDr. Soňa Majerníková Schill Academy graduate

Learn from the best

We will teach you everything we know. Send us your CV and a short cover letter. Maybe you will soon see our clients smiling at the expert dentists from Schill Dental Clinic.

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