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I tried a lot of dentists. I am only 100% satisfied at the Schill Dental Clinic. My whole family attends SDC.

Mrs. Marta

Half of my tooth broke off on Sunday. I called the clinic on Monday and they took me that day. They treated me and made the crown perfectly, everything was completed by the end. For my regular doctor, it would be a matter of 3 or 4 years. In SDC doctors and the staff were wonderful and helpful. The prices correspond to modern procedures and technologies.

Mrs. Eva

Please allow me to thank Dr. Martina Sopková for her professional intervention and great approach. I will be very happy to continue using your services.

Mrs. Radka

As an entrepreneur, I talk to people every day. A new smile gave me back my confidence.

I was always used to solving problems, so I found Schill Dental Clinic. I was satisfied with the approach, easy booking process, and the result too. The dentists are not intimidating, and you can ask them anything. Here I was a client who always gets good treatment.

Margita Ženíšková
podnikatelka a soukromá farmářka

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Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.


Dental hygiene, white fillings, root canal treatment, extraction, implantation, use of dental crowns.


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.

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