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Dental treatment under general anesthesia Peaceful treatment with no unpleasant memories

  • Pleasant treatment for those who are afraid of dentists
  • We treat children and mentally disabled patients
  • We have an anaesthesiologist with 20 years of experience
  • Patients are calm and have no recollection of the procedures

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  • Proven methods of anaesthesia
  • Anaesthesiologist with 20 years of experience
  • Aftercare provided

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General anaesthesia for fearful patients

General anaesthesia is similar to deep sleep. The patient feels no pain and has no awareness of their surroundings. All it takes is a few breaths of safe anaesthetic gas.

During the treatment, we ensure the patient’s airways and check his condition. Then he could sleep in a prepared bed, where, after waking up, he is checked by our team with the experienced anesthesiologist.

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Analgesic sedation for procedures up to 30 minutes

For shorter procedures, we use analgesic sedation. The patient breathes normally and is not asleep completely. They however feel no pain and have no awareness of their surroundings, so they are calm and comfortable. They have no recollection of the procedure.

Analgesic sedation is administered in tablets or a painless injection. In a short while, the patient relaxes and the whole procedure is stress-free.

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Local anaesthesia for calm patients

Procedures in our offices are pleasant for adult patients too. If necessary, we use local anaesthetics. The patient is completely awake, but they feel no pain in the treated area.

Local anaesthetics are applied with a very thin needle, so the patients feel almost nothing. After the procedure, the anaesthetic wears off.

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“At Schill Dental Clinic we use anesthetics and equipment found in the top-class clinics all over the world. The care we provide to our patients is important too. I like to meet the patients before and after the procedures and I am happy when they leave our office with a smile on their face.”

MUDr. Robert Šlach, anaesthesiologist
MUDr. Slach is an anesthesiologist at the General University Hospital in Prague and he teaches at the pharmacological Institute of Charles University.

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