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Invisalign – invisible braces
The secret of aligned teeth

  • Invisible (transparent) braces
  • Gentle to the teeth – no need for glue
  • Beautiful teeth at any age
  • No tightening, only splint changing, which you can do yourself

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“You are wearing braces? I have not noticed!”

This is what you will hear when you tell someone that you are wearing braces. Invisalign are transparent splints that attach to your teeth and are truly invisible.

You can take them off any time, but we recommend that you wear them for most of the day (ideally for 22 hours a day) – they are comfortable, and no one will notice you wearing them.

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How much do the invisible Invisalign braces cost?

The price depends on the condition of the teeth and the number of splints.

We will discuss the treatment plan with you and select an option that fits your budget.

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from 102 758 to 139 458 CZK Complete price list

Tailored to your teeth – with incredible accuracy

Invisible braces are made according to an accurate 3D model of your teeth. We precisely define how much your teeth need to move to align.

We will make 30-40 splints. The number of splints varies. You will change them once every 10 to 12 days (once a week for children). Check-ups only once every 2 months.

Our dentists make miracles happen


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.


Dental hygiene, treatment of root canals, white fillings, use of dental crowns.


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.


Dental hygiene, white fillings, root canal treatment, extraction, implantation, use of dental crowns.

Three appointments and check-ups once every two months


1st visit: The dentist will discuss all options with you. If you are decided, they can measure your teeth on the first appointment.

15–30 minutes


2nd visit: The dentist will make casts, measurements and photographs of your teeth based on which we will make a 3D model to make your invisible braces within 3 weeks.

30 minutes


3rd visit: The dentist will apply attachments that help the braces function. They will explain how to wear and maintain your braces and you will learn to put them on.

60 minutes


You will change the splints once every 7-12 days and come for a check-up once every 2 months.

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Our work as seen by our clients What do our clients say about us?

  • Schill Dental Clinic won me over with a completely different approach than the competition showed. From the others, I had the impression that I was actually burdening them a bit. As an businesswoman, I'm used to a totally pro-client approach, so Schill was a clear choice for me.


  • I was really well taken care of, everything was explained to me and the result is excellent. Over time, I am becoming more and more aware that the smile I have thanks to the Schill Dental Clinic is making my days ever nicer than before.


  • Beautiful and modern clinic without waiting and close to work. Great deal!.


  • I was surprised that here in Schill Dental Clinic they would make dental crowns in ten minutes, just as I drink my coffee.


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