Price list

tailored dental care

Therefore prices have to be calculated individually.
Implants, crowns, bridges, fillings are available in more versions.

Basic Initial examination without X-ray images taken in SDC: 990 CZK

Initial examination, OPG - panoramic image: 2 070 CZK

Initial examination, OPG - panoramic image, 2 x Bitewing - bite image: 2 990 CZK

Initial examination with X-rays and CT possibility for surgical procedures (implantology, surgical extraction): 5 310 CZK

In case of repeated examinations after half a year, at low risk of caries, without a need of X-ray images: 570 CZK

Preventive examination with 2 x bitewing images: 1490Kč

Preventive examination with 2 x bitewings and 1 x panoramic image: 2570 CZK

You should visit the preventive examination twice a year. We will solve your simpler teeth deficiencies immediately.

16 870 CZK is the price of the implant itself and its emplacement.

The following is not included and is necessary: local anesthesia, X-ray after insertion of the implant, insertion of the healing roller - the final price for one implant is 20 180 CZK

For multiple implants anesthesia and X-ray are charged only once.

30 190 CZK is the price of the implant itself.

The following is necessary and not included: local anesthesia, X-ray after insertion of the implant, insertion of the healing roller - the final price for one implant is 33 500 CZK

For multiple implants anesthesia and X-ray are charged only once.



Simple tooth extraction, price includes local anesthesia, removal of single root tooth and a treatment of extraction site. In case of multiple extractions, anesthesia is charged only once. The price of local anesthesia is 455 CZK.

A complicated extraction of wisdom tooth embedded in bone, including anesthesia.

Depending on the size of the filler, the price may be up to CZK 6 700 for complicated work and additional anesthesia.

Canal treatment is one of the most complicated and unpredictable procedures, therefore it is performed exclusively under the microscope. Price depends on the number of canals. One canal costs CZK 8 425 in total. Teeth have from 1 to 4 root canals, occasionally more canals. Price does not include final crown. Multiple canal pricing is not a multiple of 1 root canal, it is lowered by selected performances that are charged only once.

The crown is made in the laboratory thanks to prints that have been taken before

The crown is made in the ambulance during your visit based on scans and 3D modeling. Price depends on selected material. Excludes local anesthesia and minor ancillary procedures.

A little patient is demanding, needs more time and understanding even in small interventions. They often spend only half an hour with us and your visits can be repeated.

The price of treatment depends on level of teeth contamination and number of teeth treated. Dental hygiene includes removal of plaque using ultrasound and hand tools, enamel polishing and painless fluoridation. We also offer sandblasting to remove surface pigmentation.

Whitening does not damage tooth enamel. You have more options to choose from. Print-based splints and whitening gels are tailor-made. Whitening is domestic or combined, that consists of home and ordination phases.


The price of braces depends on the type of braces, length and composition of treatment. It is determined by individual consultation. The price is for one dental jaw. After consultation, we will do an initial examination, which includes a special KEFALO image for orthodontics, photography and prints.

In addition to classic braces, you can also choose invisible braces, the price for one jaw is from 60 000 CZK. Price depends on the number of transparent removable splints.

We will save your time, health and money

We have several doctor's offices, all equipped with modern technologies in order to meet highest demands of all the patients. All technical devices are available at our dental center what enables us to work fast and precisely.

Radiography and CT scans are done immediately, all in digital form, high quality and low risk for your health. All medical interventions and treatments are painless, we are using local or total anesthesia

We work with microscopes and magnifying glasses to make sure we capture all the details. Due to correct processes and available technologies we can do many treatments during one day saving your time and health.

We will solve all the issues concerning your teeth. Afterwards you will need only regular preventive checkups and dental hygiene thus enabling us to give you guarantee for all the treatments executed at our dental center.  Together we will keep your teeth in a healthy condition. 


5 year guarantee and a life-time solution

Professionalism and experience of doctors, state-of-the-art technologies, high demands on hygiene,
proven materials and innovative procedures, painless and precise treatments, our own laboratories, constant education in dentistry - these are our quality parameters at  Schill Dental Clinic.

We pay attention to all the details and and we guarantee our work.

More about the five-year warranty here.


We are a private dental centre

Cooperation with state health insurance companies is restrictive not only for us but also for our patients.

Insurance companies have limits that force us to withdraw from our

Therefore, we do not cooperate with health insurance companies.

If we want the results of our work to be durable, we cannot compromise.

We are convinced that we need to provide highest quality standards which our clients deserve.




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