Invisible braces


A nice and healthy smile is an unmet achievement of many of us. Satisfactory dentistry is important not only from an aesthetic point of view, but especially from a practical point of view. Many patients struggle with problems today’s dentistry and orthodontics can solve in a few months. Thus the innovative tool - Invisalign - is becoming an increasingly popular and the key to solving the problem of tooth straightening, curvature, cramping, or gap between teeth.

Advantages of Invisalign

  1. Accurate and gentle to the teeth
  2. Teeth are loaded less than with fixed braces
  3. Practical
  4. Active treatment - the exchange of the splints ensures constant movements of the teeth
  5. Effective tool for children, teenagers and adults
  6. Also suitable for paradontological patients
  7. Can move teeth also backwards
  8. Easy cleaning
  9. Possibility to use also during the day (you can eat or drink while wearing it)

Invisalign is a new and faster alternative to fixed braces. These are splints that are computer-made in laboratories and printed in a special 3D printer.

They are tailor-made and detailed in precision to ensure an effective result. For each splint, first a model is created the patient does not get, but such model makes it possible to adjust and make the necessary movements of teeth as much effective as possible. After initial inspection and taking impressions, a sophisticated 3D modification of the treatment plan is presented to the patient, explaining exactly how many degrees, millimetres and the direction the tooth is to be moved in.

The mechanism used by Invisalign can handle many of the variations much more advantageously. The fixed braces move the tooth first in one direction and then the other. The Invisalign splint system encircles the tooth and forces it to move according to the splint. Invisalign can even move the teeth 3mm backwards, what the classic fixed braces cannot do.

Read more about the braces on the orthodontics page.

The number of splints required to achieve the desired result is very individual for each patient. It depends on the actions needed or the initial state.

Normally, it is 30-40 splints. Mostly, the patient changes the splints themselves, at approximately 10-day intervals. The advantage is that there is no need to regularly visit dentistry or orthodontist, and despite that, the movement of the teeth is controlled much more closely than with fixed braces.

Many people with implants or dental bridges avoid Invisalign as they assume that it is not a suitable alternative to their problem.

Despite the fact that experts recommend moving the teeth first and then perform the prosthetic work, it is possible to balance the teeth with the inserted dental implant. The implant is marked as not to be moved. Thus, computer technology will only work with surrounding teeth when calculating. However, such movement is limited by the position of the dental restoration.

What are your most frequent questions?

In dental practice we recognize several kinds of Invisalign braces.

Comprehensive - the most widely used Invisalign method for common patients
Teen - suitable for children and teenagers and young people whose jaw is still developing
Light - used in cases of slight misalignment of the front teeth or small deviations

Removable Invisalign splints are solid and they accurately encircle teeth. To be able to move from one splint to another after a few days, regular wear is required - i.e. 20-22 hours a day. The tooth needs this time to get relaxed in the bone, move and thus make the necessary move. After this movement occurs (i.e. after 8-10 days), it is possible to proceed to the next splint.

Each set of teeth is different and struggles with various problems and deficiencies. Invisalign is an innovative solution not only for demanding procedures, it can help in a variety of cases. So do not hesitate to contact us and book an appointment, where we will not only present you with all the possibilities, but you will be provided with a lasting and especially quality solution.




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