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MDDr. Scheer's top priorities are precision and least invasive approach.

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Jack of all trades

It does help even if you come at the eleventh hour. Remembering one patient who had a tough stage of parodontosis.  „We have saved his teeth and the missing ones replaced thus creating a really nice new smile“ says dr Scheer.

He enjoys helping patients, which have a positive approach and really want to get their teeth in order. „Also complicated cases proceed better and easier then.“

And what he likes best about his work? „When a patient is sincerely happy with my work and is satisfied.“

My parents led me to dentistry

Dr. Scheer became a stomatologist thanks to his parents even though they do not work in dentistry. His first visit to the dentist was not pleasant at all. One more reason for him to do this job properly so that people can have good memories and no stress.

„Dentistry today should not remind us of the one during socialism when things were done cheaply and fast and when you were in pain”. That is one of the reasons why he joined us at Schill Dental Clinic – as we treat patients with high accuracy, we stress the importance of preventive care, work precisely and without any pain.

You can meet Dr. Scheer also enjoying sports, he is into a healthy life-style in general.

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