Periodontology is the study of the specialized system known as periodontium. What this apparatus represents is a set of hard and soft tissues that supports your teeth. Its concomitant assignment consists in acting as a barrier to avert accumulation of bacteria, impurities and like malign matters. Bleeding gums is the typical sign of early stages of periodontitis – known also as gingivitis – accompanied by inflammation and bad breath. At final stages of the disease, the teeth become loose.

Neglected periodontitis and absence of appropriate treatment may result into a complete loss of teeth. It is far from reasonable to underestimate the disease of periodontium. Its inconspicuous outbreak signalled by minor gum bleeding is not alarming enough to be appreciated as it deserves. This aspect makes it highly problematic. The good advice here is to see a dentist right when the early symptoms set in. Regular checks on the oral health at the Schill Dental Clinic, expert counselling and professional tooth cleaning at the dental hygienist´s office help an efficacious prevention of the disease.

Frenulotomy – prophylactic removal of the lingual frenulum (tongue tie) – a correction of condition that may be the offender that aggravates, if not causing it, the periodontium-related diseases.
A surgical intervention is involved aimed at relaxing the tension in the upper or lower lip caused by the frenum-the thin layer of issue. The said tension has an adverse effect on the position of teeth in their sockets causing a continuous dental neck exposure and recession of gums and so jaw bone loss by implication

Gingivectomy – means excision of damaged gum
Dentistry has an array of methods to offer when it becomes necessary to perform a reconstructive surgery on the oral soft tissue. All of such interventions target correction of some kind of periodontal problem . Advanced stages of periodontitis bring on destruction of the bone surrounding the tooth and compromise its stability. Conditions of this kind make a surgical intervention highly essential again. The oral health permitting, the missing bone tissue is replaced with substitute bone materials of superior quality.