It is a field of dentistry dealing with the treatment of periodontitis, commonly called paradentosis.

What is periodontitis?

It is a chronic periodontal inflammatory disease (i.e. the supporting dental apparatus) that often leads to tooth loss. We can successfully treat periodontitis diagnosed in time. In the case of tooth loss, we can fully replace it even if you lost a part of the bone. During one visit, we will complete your bone to introduce the implant that will replace the tooth later on.

How can I say I have periodontitis?

At the beginning, periodontitis is manifested by bleeding, gingivitis, gradual inflammation accompanied by unpleasant mouth odour. In its advance stages, when you let the inflammation to spread more deeply, it can result in withdrawal and loss of the jawbone, the gums recede and the roots of the teeth are exposed. The last stage of periodontitis results in a loose tooth that eventually falls out.

Is there an effective way of prevention?

Periodontitis is caused by a dental plaque formed on the surface of the tooth and is not removed. The basis of prevention is therefore correct and regular oral hygiene, both at home and in the dental hygiene. The right diet is also important. If you do not know how to properly care for your teeth at home, visit our dental office.

What are your most frequent questions?

Periodontitis should be treated in time to limit further progression. Patients who are prone to this disease should not underestimate the professional dental hygiene that needs to be done several times a year. It is the prevention of tooth loss. This treatment is performed by a dental hygienist and is painless.

In the Schill Dental Clinic we use a modern Key Laser 3 device. Interventions using this device are very gentle and almost painless. Compared to other methods, the laser causes less bleeding and faster wound healing. The laser locates and removes tartar and present bacteria through a special attachment. The device is special in that the tartar can be found in places we can´t see it. The whole process is done without damaging the tooth or tissues near it.

Stop gingival retreat

One way to help with periodontitis is to perform a surgical procedure to prevent gum
recession. This procedure is professionally called frenulectomy.
The dental surgeon breaks the strong upper or lower lip pull, which negatively affects
the tooth's strength in the bed, causing the gums to progressively degrade, thereby
reducing bone withdrawal and loss.

If the bone is destroyed around the tooth and thus it loses its stability, surgical intervention can solve this problem. Missing bone tissue and increased tooth strength are achieved using high quality bone replacement materials.

Exposed tooth roots can be sensitive and cause also an aesthetic problem. Dental surgery also offers various forms of soft tissue plastic surgeries in the oral cavity. They all lead to the modification of the periodontal problem. Our dental surgeons will solve this problem for you.



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