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Teeth autotransplantation We will replace a missing tooth with your own teeth

  • Missing molars replaced with your own back teeth
  • The body will accept the tooth naturally
  • The tooth will be work exactly as the original one
  • Procedure carried out under local anaesthesia, so it is painless

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We will replace your missing tooth with another one that your body knows well

All it takes is a small sports accident and your molar is out. We have a natural solution: the missing tooth will be replaced by your own back tooth that you do not use for chewing.

Young patients’ bones are still developing and growing so the body accepts the tooth easily. The body knows the material, so the healing process goes smoothly. The tooth looks natural and works just like the original one.

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How much does autotransplantation of a tooth cost?

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17 220 CZK Complete price list

Simple and painless procedure

Our dental surgeon transplants the tooth under local anesthesia, so the procedure is painless.

The procedure itself is very fast. Natural cells on the tooth roots only live for a few minutes so it is necessary to transplant the tooth quickly to ensure the body accepts it.

The transplanted tooth then works just the way you need.

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Dental hygiene, cleaning of dental canals, white fillings, dental crowns.


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.


Dental hygiene, internal whitening, white fillings, implantation, use of dental crowns.


Dental hygiene, root canal treatment, white fillings, Cerec dental crowns.

The tooth is in place in an hour

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Park your car right in the building.

4 minutes


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1 minute


The dentist will apply anaesthetics and wait for it to start working.

5 minutes


The procedure itself is very fast and painless. Your tooth will be back in place in an hour.

60 minutes


Pay at the reception and leave with a beautiful smile.

3 minutes

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  • Schill Dental Clinic won me over with a completely different approach than the competition showed. From the others, I had the impression that I was actually burdening them a bit. As an businesswoman, I'm used to a totally pro-client approach, so Schill was a clear choice for me.


  • I was really well taken care of, everything was explained to me and the result is excellent. Over time, I am becoming more and more aware that the smile I have thanks to the Schill Dental Clinic is making my days ever nicer than before.


  • Beautiful and modern clinic without waiting and close to work. Great deal!.


  • I was surprised that here in Schill Dental Clinic they would make dental crowns in ten minutes, just as I drink my coffee.


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