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Ceramic fillings Gentle to the teeth & natural-looking

  • Natural replacement of teeth
  • Looks the same, works the same
  • Done in one appointment
  • Five-year guarantee

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Perfect teeth at first glance

Imagine you are looking at your teeth in the mirror and you see no fillings, despite knowing that you have recently had a cavity drilled and a damaged tooth fixed. Your teeth look perfect.

This is the result you get with our ceramic fillings. We only grind the necessary part of the tooth and give you a filling in a natural shade.

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You deserve top-quality care

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  • Filling made on demand
  • Five-year guarantee

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How much does a ceramic filling cost?

The smaller decay, the cheaper filling. Book your appointment as soon as possible.

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from 12 127 to 19 683 CZK Complete price list

On-demand and forever

Thanks to CEREC technology your ceramic filling will be ready in just a few minutes.

And thanks to the careful work of our dentists, it will last for many years. That is why we provide a five-year guarantee.

Our dentists make miracles happen


Dental hygiene, tooth reconstruction.


Dental hygiene, treatment of root canals, white fillings, use of dental crowns.


Dental hygiene, root canal treatment, white fillings, Cerec dental crowns.


Aesthetic treatment of front teeth. Completion of 6 teeth with photo composite in the color of her own teeth. Duration of the procedure: 3 hours.

Just one appointment to get a healthy smile

Is this your first visit? Book an entry examination appointment first.


At Schill You will always park right in the building. We will welcome you with fragrant coffee.

5 minutes


Our dentist will remove your cavity under local anaesthesia and make a scan of your teeth.

30 minutes


Sit in a waiting room while we make your ceramic filling.

30 minutes


The dentist will apply the filling and polish your teeth.

30 minutes


Pay at the reception and leave with a beautiful smile.

3 minutes

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Our work as seen by our clients What do our clients say about us?

  • Schill Dental Clinic won me over with a completely different approach than the competition showed. From the others, I had the impression that I was actually burdening them a bit. As an businesswoman, I'm used to a totally pro-client approach, so Schill was a clear choice for me.


  • I was really well taken care of, everything was explained to me and the result is excellent. Over time, I am becoming more and more aware that the smile I have thanks to the Schill Dental Clinic is making my days ever nicer than before.


  • Beautiful and modern clinic without waiting and close to work. Great deal!.


  • I was surprised that here in Schill Dental Clinic they would make dental crowns in ten minutes, just as I drink my coffee.


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