Dental Implants

The dental implant is a replacement for the missing root of a tooth. It represents a permanent, fully functional and esthetical solution.
It is used in conditions related to loss of tooth.
Dental implant is featured by lifespan of several decades.

Implantáty v Schill Dental

When can the dental implant be placed?

The dental implant placement is preceded by an X-ray or CT analysis of the preoperative periodontal condition of the bone and adjacent tissues. The presence of sufficient bone of good quality allows an immediate implant placement together with application of a temporary crown. This offers the patient the chance to leave the office with a new tooth of a natural look. Bone loss diagnosed requires regeneration by way of a bone graft. The implant is installed after the graft has healed in. The placement is carried out under local anesthesia. If the patient wishes so, or in case of complicated interventions, general anesthesia is used.

What material is a dental implant made of

Implants made of titanium are the type preferred mostly. The implant section that integrates into the bone is available in a range of surface coating types . Featured by best properties are dental implants that come with the active bio-coated surface. This is the factor that makes it possible to cut the process of healing to half and sends the success rate of such implant placement to a remarkable 99 per cent mark. The implant type choice offers other, less costly, solutions marked by a 97-98 p.c. success rate . We recommend the less expensive implants to be considered by patients who not mind a longer wait for his/her definitive teeth. This means 12 weeks instead of 6.

What makes the titanium dental implant the best choice

  • Titanium is a pure metal
  • It is biologically compatible marked by widespread use in medical applications – causes no adverse interactions with the human body
  • Its superior strength makes it resistant to masticatory stress
  • It is corrosion-resistant
  • It is neutral in taste causing no „metal aftertaste“ in mouth
  • It stands for a long-lasting well proven solution

Strong points of the dental implant

  • durability
  • comfort
  • esthetic solution
  • helps avoid the removable denture hassle
  • most convenient  to anchor bridge or denture
  • makes  trimming of adjacent teeth unnecessary

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