Dental Microscope

Schill Dental Clinic Technologie Microscop

A microscopic dentistry helps us to be one step further in precision of dental care. The microscope is a tool which allows our doctors to work with magnification 24x, thereby expanding the diagnostic options due to better lightening and sight. Most of the procedures are simplified and accelerated greatly, as much butter visibility is provided with the microscope. This is a reason why we in 2010 have started to use not only magnifying glasses but also top dental microscopes. Currently, microscopic dentistry is a modern trend in dental medicine and is a guarantee of a higher treatment quality.

Benefits of microscope treatment

  • Longer lasting result thanks to accuracy
  • We can fix even the smallest decay, fixing of a small decay takes less time
  • Perfect treatment guarantee 
  • This technology helps to get to hard-to-reach areas

When to use dental microscope?

Dental surgical microscope is used in endodncy, helps us with fillings, as well as in microsurgery, periodontal surgery as well as in prosthetics.

During root canal treatment, endodontics, most procedures take place inside a tooth. Treatment is often performed with a basic knowledge of the dental pulp and x-ray findings. The dental microscope, however, displays a large part of the pulp chamber. The biggest advantage is that now doctors can see what is being treated and where. This visualization simplifies work for general and also for more complicated treatments. It’s also easier to locate canal entrances that are difficult to access. Also, the assessment of filling quality can be improved. 

The dental microscope is generally used also while working on tooth fillings. We can precisely remove broken sections of the tooth, and we can make sure all the tooth decays are eliminated and successfully removed. The dental microscope also helps us to see the interdental spaces better and the filling or crown is safely placed into a properly prepared tooth environment. Filling is prepared under the microscope so the result is aesthetic, functional and well designed. 




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