Paediatric Dentist

It is not recommended to postpone visiting the dentist even if you think that the teeth of your baby are healthy. Small tooth decays are invisible to the naked eye. If we catch them at an early stage, their removal will be painless. For healthy development of a set of teeth, it is important to develop the habit of cleaning teeth as early as childhood, so that cleaning becomes a matter of course and we could prevent dental caries with the right care.

Our Paediatric Dentist spends as much time with your child as needed. Our Dental Hygienists will provide you information about how to properly clean baby's teeth, what appropriate nutrition is or how to break bad habits.

Initial dental examination for children

During the initial dental examination we will make you familiar with everything that is in the Dentist's office; we will discuss correct dental cleaning and diet. For older children, we will make a panoramic radiograph (OPG) that will show us all the details, so that we can agree on the treatment process. If the teeth are not in the correct position, we will suggest visiting an Orthodontist.

Child Psyche

The first visit at the dentist is really important. This is where the relationship between the child and the dentist is created and provides the basis for each future visit. For us, it is essential that we build mutual trust and that your child knows that he/she can also enjoy visiting the Dentist. 

If your child has already had a bad experience, we will be getting acquainted with each other gradually, and at the beginning, your visits will be more frequent and shorter, rather for getting to know the environment without any intervention. We will proceed with any intervention only when the child is not afraid anymore. There are cases when a more demanding procedure is needed and the child cannot handle it. It is then possible to use general anaesthesia in order for the treatment to be successful and the child's psyche is not disturbed. 

Sealing new teeth as a prevention

Dental sealants are a preventive and completely painless procedure to protect teeth from tooth decay.  It consists in applying special material to the teeth (most often on the back teeth), preferably immediately after teething. Most often, the chewing surfaces of morals are painted with a thin coating so that the bacteria causing the caries cannot reach and settle in grooves and less accessible places in the back of the set of teeth. 

Ozone treatment

Ozone treatment is also a painless procedure that is a part of a preventive care of the teeth. Ozone removes bacteria and microorganisms present in the oral cavity and can cause tooth decay. With ozone, we can also treat minor tooth decays, infections, mouth ulcers and herpes.